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Treat yourself to the pleasure of boarding Cyclos II to spend unique and exclusive moments together with the people you love most, sailing the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Think about the destinations you would like to reach, tell us any desire and need you may have. We will take care of the rest, creating the perfect atmosphere and focusing on every single detail of your magical stay.

Whether you would celebrate a meaningful life event, an anniversary or simply relax yourself and switch off from work, give you the opportunity to live one of the most extraordinary experiences in the world.

For any enquiry you may have, to ask for a quotation and receive more details on the available dates for rental and how to book Cyclos II, do not hesitate to contact your favorite broker.


“A boat is safe in the harbour. But this is not the purpose of a boat”

Paulo Coelho

A unique sailing yacht

Meant for the ocean

From the very first time you get on board Cyclos II, you promptly figure out its strong and decisive character that very likely is what the Royal Huisman Shipyard did mean by naming its works “Spirit of Individuality”. As a matter of fact, Cyclos II was born to be a highly performing yacht, originally designed for long crossings as well as offshore sailing and cruising. Nevertheless, it stands out also as a yacht charter. Indeed, the airy deck completely made of teak, perfect for energizing sunbathing, as well as the elegant and comfortable interiors, designed for intimate moments of fun and relaxation, make it perfect also to this end.

Whether you opt for regenerating stops in the harbor or, rather, for pleasant and relaxing navigations, you will be astonished anyway as Cyclos II always gives you its very best. Thanks to her strength, safety and versatility, she is definitely perfect for families or couples of friends appreciating sailing yachts and loving experiencing the seas in the truest sense of the word.

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