Regione Siciliana

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea

To be honest, there is no place in Italy not coming to everybody’s mind for its tastes, smells, colors and emotions. In fact, the peculiarities of each region make the wealth of this country. Sicily is just but an example: anyone who visited this land once has remained entranced by the beauty of its landscapes as well as color and scent of its wines -you can’t miss the cellars- and the varied and lavish local cuisine. Also the sea never disappoints. Do you prefer deep, crystalline waters and extended golden and shining sands or the warm shallows? You are not forced to choose, as you can have both in a few kilometers. And in the north, whether you are in the extreme western area of ​​the island rather than in the eastern area, you are in front of the extraordinary Egadi and Aeolian islands standing out on the horizon, respectively.

Sicily with Cyclos


Egadi Islands
Favignana – Levanzo – Marettimo

About 7 km far from Trapani and Marsala, here you are Favignana in all its splendor. Known to be comfortably visited by bike, this island is also famous for its enchanting coves like Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra, just to make a few examples. In addition, if you are fond of snorkeling, you can’t miss the well known Cave of Lovers, a pearl of undisputed natural beauty not far from Capo Grosso.
Levanzo is just on the other side of the small port of Favignana instead. It is actually the smallest of the three islands of the archipelago standing out for the unquestionable beauty of its waters -which is the “fil rouge” of the entire northern coast of Sicily-, and for the singular small group of houses perched on the coast. And as for caves, the marine explorers are spoilt for choice.
The same goes for the westernmost Marettimo with its characteristic coasts to be discovered as well as one cove in particular, Cala Bianca, and its incredible blue waters.

  Aeolian Islands
Vulcano, Filicudi, Alicudi, Stromboli, Salina, Panarea and Lipari: the 7 volcanic pearls of Sicily
Moving eastwards from the northern coast of Sicily, a bit more than 10 NM from Milazzo, we find the seven volcanic pearls named Eolian, which we remind to be, according to size, Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea.
Part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000, these islands have an important archaeological site “en plein air”, which is one of the main destinations not only for tourists (although there are hundreds of thousands of tourists every year), but also for researchers willing to make new well-preserved lava archeological discoveries.

Each island is characteristic for at least one reason.
Stromboli, for example, is illuminated only by natural light and one of the most active volcanoes in the world, with a peak depth of over 2000 m below the sea level.
Vulcano is active too, although the last eruption happened over 100 years ago. As a matter of fact, the sulfur fumaroles confirm its ongoing activity.
Panarea is then one of the oldest island of the archipelago, famous for its very characteristic local constructions and, like Vulcano, for its sulfur fumaroles. With reference to the coves, in the southern coast you can find Cala degli Zimmari and Cala Junco, the latter one located on the west side of Capo Milazzese.
Small paradise on earth, Filicudi really deserves to be explored by sea. And if you really love snorkeling, you can’t miss the Grotte del Bue Marino, as there are no terms of comparison to describe the blue of its waters. You have no other alternative than to personally check!

Moreover don’t miss the Pollara Beach in Salina! Alicudi is your ideal island, if you love, instead wild paradises.

And before ending this intense succession of exciting images, here you are Lipari, known for the sea stacks, the enchanting Praia di Vinci Beach, Punta della Crepazza and several rocks in the south; for La Forbice and the White Beaches in the east; for the Acquacalda Beach and Punta del Legno Nero in the north  and, finally, for the impressing cliff of Valle Muria Beach overhanging the south-western coast of the island.
Did we give you enough reasons to visit these enchanting places with us?

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