Tuscan Archipelago (Tuscany, Italy)

Elba - Giglio - Montecristo - Capraia - Pianosa - Giannutri - Gorgona

According to legend, while emerging from the dreamy waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the goddess of beauty, Venus let go seven pearls from her necklace that fell into the sea and became the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago”.

A few miles away from the enchanting Bastia (Corsica) that you can see in the clearest days and when the island lights up with artificial lighting, Capraia offers beautiful and breathtaking crystalline waters. However, the Tuscan Archipelago includes other very beautiful pearls and islands too, like Elba, Giglio, Giannutri and Montecristo. So morphologically heterogeneous as to make you think that they are not part of the same archipelago, these islands are famous also for being part of the Pelagos, the Sanctuary for Mediterranean Marine Mammals: a protected marine area, where it is likely to see dolphins and other cetaceans. And if by chance you want to get closer to the coast to visit the land and discover the islands, the crew of Cyclos II is very happy to satisfy also this your further desire. Tell the truth, you are already planning your holiday!

Elba Here you are some of the most famous beaches of the island able to statisfy any type of preference. Coming from the north you find Porticciolo -a very peaceful location-, Procchio -one the biggest and fully equipped beaches of the island-, Crocetta -a totally uncontaminated destination in the nearby of Marciana Marina-. In the south instead, there are Fetovaia -one the most evocative place of the island-, Seccheto – a very quiet location famous for its golden sand-, Lido di Capoliveri -particularly appreciated by the young- and Innamorata -the perfect location to see the most colourful sunsets-.

Giglio Emerald green waters and isolated bays are some of the main features of such an extraordinary as well as must-see pearl of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Montecristo The montainous island of Montecristo is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and famous to be the setting of the novel written by Alexandre Dumas. Fully surrounded by amazing bays, it is a nature reserve and therefore highly protected to preserve the beauty of the land and its waters.

Capraia You can access the land through the harbour of Capraia and then visit the small village and the Fortress of St. George. Capes (for ex. Punta dello Zenòbito) and bays (for ex. Cala della Mòrtola and Cala Rossa) are a constant also of this island really deserving to be discovered.

Pianosa In order to keep the land and its crystal clear blue waters uncontaminated, a highly technological radar has been placed in the island to identify boats even coming from Corsica.

Giannutri Also the small island of Giannutri holds several bays that we invite you to discover: Cala Brigantina, Cala dello Scoglio, Cala Volo di Notte, just to mention a few.

Gorgona The smallest island of the Archipelago is well-known for holding a prison whose prisoners contribute to preserve the integrity of the whole land.

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