Immersed in a sea of plastic

You don’t need to be an expert sailor to be aware of the increasing global issue of the plastic pollution from the ocean to the sea. Have you ever heard talking about the floating plastic islands? It’s easy to figure out their origin, considering that today we produce more than 340 Mt of polymers all over the world, but only 20% is properly disposed (incinerated or recycled). It means that the remaining 80% of plastic produced from 1950 has been ending up heavily polluting ground and waters to the point that today the issue is well known and discussed at international level. Moreover, tons of plastic flown into the seas and the oceans, and gradually converted into tiny polymeric particles, are often accidentally swallowed by fishes and other marine creatures causing their death by suffocation.

We all can –and have to- give our daily contribution to limit and decrease that issue in the very coming future, because, as the brand new video by the Italian green magazine Ohga! reminds us, the today kids are the tomorrow adults.

We can count several environmental world associations strongly engaged against the world pollution, like WWF, Greenpeace and Legambiente, everyday reminding us that the waste sorting is one effective solution, but not sufficient to struggle alone against the plastic pollution. So, in addition to this, let’s buy less packaging and more different and reusable materials (water in glass returnable bottles instead of plastic bottles; reusable fabric shopping bags; etc. …). Then, also why not to recycle and give a second life to packaging and plastic containers turning them into new objects, as enthusiastically suggested by the famous designer and gallery owner Mrs Rossana Orlandi, who launched the 1st edition of “RO Plastic Prize” during the Fuorisalone of the Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milan. The brilliant “RO Plastic Prize” is an invitation extended to any artist, no matter which education, age or country of origin, to join one out of 4 categories of the contest: Design, Home Textiles, Packaging solutions and Conscious innovation projects, since Art also can save us from the plastic pollution.

As for the video “Heart of Plastic: i bambini ti mostrano come le tue azioni distruggeranno il loro futuro” we thank Ohga!

Note: we are sorry that the EN version is not available. Perhaps you can’t wait to learn Italian!

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